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Omron HV-F128

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Kode : AFT-001
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# Omron HV-F128

Jual Tens Omron HV-F128
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Deskripsi Omron HV-F128

Jual Tens Omron HV-F128


The HV-F128 Electronic Nerve Stimulator:
-Auto stimulation mode for shoulders, back, joints, arms/legs and soles.
-Selectable pushing, tapping and kneading modes.
-High frequency stimulation to relieve pain quickly.
-Polarity function to stimulate particular regions intensively.
-LCD shows intensity and remaining time of stimulation.
-Soft mode for gentle stimulation.
-Adjustable stimulation intensity and speed.

-Relieves stiff shoulders, symptoms of peripheral neuroparalysis, muscle pain and neuralgia.
-Helps to improve blood circulation and enables you to recover from fatigue.

Cautionary Instruction:
This TENS device must not be used in combination with the following medical devices:
1). Any internally transplanted electronic devices e.g. pacemakers .
2). Any electronic life support equipment such as respiratory ventilators.
3). Any other electronic medical devices attached to the body e.g. ECG machines.

A. LCD shows intensity and remaining time of stimulation
B. 12 Automatic Courses

-Select modes to Soothe and Relieve, for Specific Regions and Massage types.
-Soothe & Relieve mode for required therapeutic effects at low and high frequency (up to 1200Hz) respectively
-Region: Automatic therapy program for 6 regions – shoulders, Joint, Arm, Sole, Leg and Waist
-Select your favourite Massage mode program from tapping, kneading, pushing to rubbing
C. 5 Special Modes
-Select and adjust desired level of stimulation, combined with Auto therapy Modes for better effect.
-Hyper Mode-For relief of stiffness with gradual increase of intensity during treatment
-Soft Mode-For relief with soft stimulation
-Repeat Mode-Repeats your choice of stimulation
-Point and Wide Mode-Treats a small or wide area respectively
-Balance Adjustment-For emphasis of therapy on red or white sides or both
D. Washable and more durable Long-life Pads
1 Year Warranty

Beli Tens Omron HV-F128 termurah di Indonesia ! Belanja Alkes Retail dapatkan harga Alkes grosir di toko-alatkesehatan.com sekarang temukan diskon dan Spesial Promo lainnya untuk mendapatkan harga terbaik. Nikmati promo dan tawaran ekslusif untuk produk Omron disertai dengan Layanan Customer service terbaik dan berbagai pilihan jenis pengiriman dan pembayaran termudah.

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